Why protect?

The protection of data, personal information, big data, personal data transfers and information security are increasingly present subjects within organizations and, as such, the importance of developing compliance programs in line with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD, Portuguese acronym), which governs the protection and transfer of personal data in Brazil. 

With the creation of new legislation, companies need to update their Compliance policies in accordance with the new draft. And that applies not only to employee data, but also all the other data to which the company has access. 

In addition to protecting their company and employees, organizations that rely on an active, independent and well-structured Compliance sector have risen to a new level of competition, both in the domestic and foreign markets.

What are the risks to not having a Compliance program for data protection?

  • Breached personal details
  • Damage to company image
  • Data processing restrictions
  • Payment of fines for failing to comply with legislation
  • Loss of clients and contracts



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