What is Compliance?

The root of the word Compliance is comply, that is, to be in accordance with a rule. As such, Compliance within a corporate environment means, in short, being in conformity with laws and regulations that cover business. 

The concept encompasses all policies, rules and internal and external controls by which corporations must abide. When implementing Compliance policies, company activities will be fully in line with the rules and regulations applied to each of the internal and external processes. 

Compliance in Brazil

The area of Compliance gained more relevance in Brazil following the advent of the 2013 Anti-corruption Law. This new legislation brought with it the possibility of granting benefits to companies that have a duly structured Compliance department. 

Among the main elements introduced through this regulation are the adoption of conduct standards, codes of ethics, integrity policies and procedures and channels for reporting irregularities, open to and widely promoted among employees and third parties, and the mechanisms aimed at protecting people who make reports in good faith.

Why implement?

  • Reduction of fraud.
  • Prevention of embezzlement and money laundering.
  • Mitigate corrupt practices.
  • Assessment and investigations of reports.
  • Relations with public authority and calls to tender.
  • Prevention and mitigation of labor risks.
  • Transparency in relationships and conflicts of interest.

    The P&B method

    We provide consultancy to guarantee regulatory adequacy and the corporate ethics of our clients, adding value and reducing the risk of nonconformity, thereby enriching the corporate culture built on integrity and ethics.

    We work to guarantee that the organization fully conforms with its principles and purposes (internal guidelines) and with regulatory requirements (external guidelines):


    • 1 - Commitment and support from upper management
    • 2 - Body responsible for the integrity plan
    • 3 - Risk assessment
    • 4 - Continuous monitoring
    • 5 - Remediation actions
    • 6 - Disciplinary control measures
    • 7 - Report channels
    • 8 - Communication and training
    • 9 - Ethics and conduct standards 

    P&B Compliance offers excellence and commitment in navigating the main laws and regulations connected to the subject, such as Law 12,846/13, regulated by Decree 8,420, dated March 18, 2015, which provides guidelines on effective Integrity Programs by Brazilian regulatory bodies, in addition to the best international practices outlined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), US Department of Justice (DOJ) and UK Bribery Act.

    According to the Federal Comptroller, to ensure a suitable Integrity Program structure, four elements are required to provide support to actions and measures that will form the content:


    (Measures for prevention, detection and remediation)




    We provide advisory on all issues that involve a Compliance program, effectively creating and implementing the highlighted stages.


    P&B Explains

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